Project Description

Client: The Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), London Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

The Challenges

As Indonesia has no internationally accepted accreditation (certification) system for its civil engineers, it is difficult for international companies working in country to assess the competence of locally trained engineers. Furthermore, as previous studies of the civil engineering profession in Indonesia commissioned by the Government of Indonesia with the support and assistance of the British Government and the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) as early as 1993 have shown, there is a need to improve the academic teaching standards of engineering throughout the country’s universities to reflect the rapid and advanced technological changes of the past 20 years, The current project, which builds on the work initially carried out in 1993 by the Institution of Civil Engineers. The main objective aims to provide a methodology, a suitable working environment and technical assistance by which Indonesian civil engineers, especially those with five to twenty years experience and the requisite academic qualifications, can achieve chartered status (MICE) with the Institution of Civil Engineers (UK). The second and longer-term objective is to provide a ‘road map’ for strengthening the engineering profession in Indonesia along the lines discussed in the 1993 report.

Actual Services provided: Identify potential candidates for membership of the ICE who have not graduated recently, are not registered on a formal training scheme or mentor-supported training with the ICE and have the requisite academic qualifications and experience for membership.  Such candidates will still need to be or become:
(a) graduate members of ICE;
(b) undergo an academic assessment by ICE as part of the Member Assessment;
(c) provide an extended CV that demonstrates knowledge of and experience in the nine civil engineering attributes
(d) and, if successful, apply for the Professional Review.