Project Description

Client: Indonesia Infrastructure Initiative (IndII) Location: Jakarta and Nationwide

The Challenges

Water security in a warming world is a major issue in most countries but is especially in Indonesia, the world’s largest archipelago that straddles the Equator and the Inter-tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ). Overall, Indonesia is blessed with abundant rainfall but the distribution is uneven, with a surplus in the west and varying levels of deficit in the centre and eastern parts of the country. Ways and means of balancing the national water budget through reduction of run-off, storage and transfer between water rich and water deficit areas have been addressed by central and local governments but with mixed results. There is a limit to the expansion of individual PDAMs to access bulk water since to develop new sources is limited by the areas’ hydrology and climate and is, generally, expensive. Cipta Karya is promoting the idea of developing regional water sources based on the province thus using economies of scale to obtain bulk water supplies for the PDAMs which may be in more than one province. The PDAM Water Security study will review the extent of current production constraints at selected PDAMs, identifies ways to address these issues, and assesses the potential for regional water utility development – such as alternative models for operation between regional utilities and PDAMs. It also examines possible options for the unification and collaboration of some PDAMs, reversing the current fragmentation trends.

Actual Services provided:
Preparation of the Activity Design Documents (ADD) including Terms of Reference (ToR), project schedule, personnel required and draft budget for the Indonesian Infrastructure Initiate (IndII) for Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) approval and project execution.