Project Description

Client: Conference Board of Canada, Canada-Indonesia Trade and Private Sector Assistance Project (TPSA) Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

The Challenges

The overall objective is to reduce poverty and increase sustainable economic growth in Indonesia through the expansion of Indonesian trade with Canada, and the encouragement of Canadian investment in Indonesia in the field of renewable resources, an area of development that has attracted Canadian investment and has considerable potential for expansion. Special attention was paid to solar energy, biomass, waste-to-energy and ocean energy

Actual Services provided:
• Reviewed the current conditions of the market, legislation and/or policies affecting the renewable energy sector in Indonesia; interviewed the main stakeholders and identified main constraints
• Disseminated findings via a Focus Discussion Group (FDG) and a one-day workshop.
• Prepared a Road Map for improving the renewable energy regulatory environment based on the project review and feed-back from the FDG and workshop
• Produced three reports: Phase 1 Report – Current conditions of the market, main stakeholders and ‘bottlenecks’; Phase 2 Report – Transcripts and findings of stakeholder discussions and interviews; Phase 4 Report – Renewable Energy Road Map -Proposals